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Harsher DWI laws


Gov. David Paterson proposes tougher DWI laws when children are in the car.

Spurred by the Taconic wrong-way in which four children died, Paterson’s bill would make it a felony to drive drunk or high if a child younger than 16 is a passenger.

“In 2007, there were 9,480 accidents related to driver intoxication in New York and 344 resulted in deaths. Nearly 200 of those killed or injured were under the age of 14. Too often, intoxicated drivers directly threaten the lives of those too young to decide whether to enter a car with an adult. To those who put our children at risk, today we say enough,” Paterson said in a press release.

PHOTO: Daniel Schuler cries while his sister-in-law Jay Schuler speaks at a press conference in Garden City, N.Y., Aug. 6. Schuler’s wife Diane was drunk and high on marijuana when she drove the wrong way for almost two miles on a highway before smashing head-on into an SUV, killing herself and seven others, a prosecutor said. Schuler family attorney Dominic Barbara says 36-year-old Diane Schuler wasn’t an alcoholic but was diabetic and may have suffered a stroke before the July 26 crash north of New York City. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

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